Height adjustable kitchen cabinet shelf.

The Problem

Cabinet space is limited and without proper utilization, clutter can accumulate. This disorganization wastes valuable space.

The Solution

 A height adjustable and stackable shelf that allows for easy access to plates.

The Process


User Insight

I can’t organize the inside of the kitchen cabinet well. I want a kind of organizer that I can efficiently use the space between the shelves for cooking ingredients and containers (Ziplock & lids).

ìI have a hard time getting the dishes out of my cupboard. If I try to stack the same types of plates on each other, then I can’t put away the rest of my utensils, so I stack my smaller plates inside of my larger plates, but then have to move the smaller plates to get to the big plates and it’s bothersome.

I’d like a plate shelf that you could adjust the height manually, and that won’t slide the plates along with it.